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SRVIVRS Speak, nonprofit, loss of loved one


SRVIVRS strengthens communities by sharing our message of connection, empathy, and service that is invaluable in any group or setting.

SRVIVRS Speak Program

Our speakers will come to speak at schools, businesses, organizations, or churches. We share our message of connection, empathy, and service that is invaluable in any group or setting! Though technology is a blessing and is here to stay, we need to bring awareness of our potential habits that may be keeping us from developing meaningful connections. We don't want to "lose" any more of our loved ones as screen/social media addictions, depression, anxiety, and suicide numbers are on the rise. 

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SRVIVRS Speakers

SRVIVRS Speak, Austin Crapo, grief support

Austin Crapo

Coach Crapo has passion for the "one".


As a master teacher, experienced coach, a beloved mentor, and motivational speaker, he has the ability to make you feel like you are his long-lost best friend. His charisma, sense of humor, empathy, and vulnerability leaves all of his students and athletes wanting to send him their graduation and wedding announcements. He’s THAT teacher and coach that you never forget. 


He has a BA in History, a MA in Athletic Coaching Education and is working on a second MA in Sports Performance. He has several years of experience training young athletes in strength and conditioning and is preparing for his upcoming CSCS certification.

During part of his teaching and coaching years, he was also a frequent motivational speaker at several teen retreats. Coach Crapo began to observe the ability of the teens to positively connect with each other in ways they had never done before in a short period of time. After several years of this, he noticed a pattern and began to do his own research. He then developed and implemented a Social-Emotional Program that focused on developing meaningful connections while focusing on empathy and service, the Love Rules Program. 

Because of Coach Crapo’s love and ability to connect with the youth, he continues to speak to thousands of teens at assemblies all over the nation. His story and insight leaves youth and adults alike, laughing and crying, inspired to develop their own meaningful connections with others.

Coach Crapo is a family man first and his wife and six children are his greatest joy. In his spare time, he loves caring for his goats and chickens on his family’s little homestead in Brownsburg, Indiana.

Instagram: #ourcoachdad

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Joshua Nehring

Joshua knows good decisions are preceded by good information; empowering individuals to see their potential for good is his passion. Joshua keenly understands the effects of screens on the developing mind in part due to his bachelor’s degree in Marriage Family Human Development. 


As a co-founder of Lilli and SRVIVRS (service oriented non-profit organizations) as well as Look Up Ad and Day of Kindness initiatives, his life motto of "See Good, Do Good, Share Good" is put to work in communities through intentional acts of service.


He is a late stage endurance athlete with the goal of completing 50 marathons before he turns 50. At 44, he has completed 21 so far; Six of these included ultra distances. He has his sights set on completing his first Iron Man and 100 miler within the next year. Recently, he logged distances running and biking to fund the Look Up Ad Billboard Campaign; Running over 2040 miles in 2021. This year he has embarked on a journey to Move In Memory for an individual every day of 2022 (follow on FB SRVIVRS Group).


He is a periodontist of over 10 years. Currently he is a partner at Dakota Regional Periodontics in Rapid City, South Dakota.

SRVIVRS Speak, grief support nonprofit
Often small acts of service are all that is required to lift and bless another.

– Thomas S. Monson
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